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Our Coaches


Coach Sarah

Head Coach


Coach Nathan

Assistant Coach

Have a question for any of our coaches? Want to learn how to become part of our team?

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Meet The Players

With no obligation to attend, we have a wide range of regular players.

Jozsef, York Sharks Team Member


Member since 2016

Patrick Murphy, York Sharks Team Member


Member since 2016

Babs Agnew, York Sharks Team Member


Member since 2016

Nathan Baldwin on Wetwheels Yorkshire 2_edited.jpg

Nathan B

Member since 2016

Pete Richardson - Wetwheels Yorkshire Chair, York Sharks Team Member.jpg


Member since 2017

Erin L, York Sharks Team Member.jpg


Member since 2016

Mike Leigh Cooper, York Sharks Team Member.jpg


Member since 2017

Hope, York Sharks Team member (Square)_edited.jpg


Member since 2019

Elias Norman, York Sharks Team Member.jpg


Member since 2017

Thea Jennings, York Sharks Team Member.j

Thea J

Member since 2017


Scott M

Member since 2019

Tim, York Sharks Team Member_edited.jpg


Member since 2017

Riley, York Sharks Team member (square).

Riley S

Member since 2019

Riley's Mum, York Sharks Team member (Sq

Riley's Mum

TitleSupporter & Member since 2019

Alice, York Sharks.jpg

Alice M

Visiting Team Member since 2014 (Player at Wakefield Whirlwinds)

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I come back every week for the people I've met (and of course the game)


Sharks on Three!

Drop us a message. We aim to bite back within 24 - 48 hours.

Fulford School Gym, Fulford, York YO10, UK

07521 827365

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